What is Opposing Nozzle Design?

One feature that really separates the Omni-Rinse Bar Tool Rinse Station from the competition is the Omni-Rinse Opposing Nozzle Design.  The Bar Tool Rinse Station has 2 pairs of nozzles that are aimed directly at each other.  These nozzles are called “solid stream” nozzles.  Instead of covering a wide area, solid stream nozzles focus water in a very narrow, concentrated area (think of how a spray bottle nozzle can be adjusted to “mist” water, versus “shoot” a solid stream of water).

The Opposing Nozzle Design makes it possible to rinse objects from the bottom, as well as from the top, providing a complete rinse.  Other rinsers on the market only rinse from the bottom, which means they are only rinsing the inside of a mixing tin.  Our Opposing Nozzle Design makes it possible to rinse both the inside, as well as the outside surfaces of mixing tins, mixing glasses, steaming pitchers, etc.

The solid-stream nozzles in the Omni-Rinse design virtually eliminate any overspray, which is why our unit does not have a door (like an automatic glass washer).  Not having to fuss with a door allows users to work faster and more efficiently.