When we ask bar & restaurant operators about their rinsing process, their eyes glaze over, and confusion sets in. That’s because nobody really has a rinsing system – and nobody understands why they need one.

In most operations, rinsing is not thought of as a process. Rinsing bar tools used to make drinks (mixing tins, mixing glasses, jiggers, strainers, wine portioning carafes, etc.) is left up to each individual bartender. Depending on what’s available, they will use a 3-compartment sink, an automatic glass washer, a faucet or soda gun, or will repurpose a beer-glass rinser to rinse these items. All of these makeshift methods take too long, are wasteful, and are subject to shortcuts that compromise quality. In addition, allowing bartenders to do it their own way results in a lack of consistency. Wouldn’t a company policy to ensure efficiency, consistency, and quality be a better way?

The Omni-Rinse™ Integrated Rinsing System™ standardizes the rinsing process throughout your organization. By pairing our 3-in-1 Rinse Station™ with our Signature 3-Step Process, we make rinsing a seamless part of the drink-making process itself. Doing so increases efficiency, giving your entire front-of-house staff more time to maximize the guest experience.