Increase Efficiency

Seconds are Critical in the Restaurant Industry!

Seconds can be the difference between a positive or negative guest experience.  Seconds can be the difference between capturing additional sales, or wasted opportunity.  Seconds can be the difference between simple order-taking, or profit-maximizing up-selling. A few extra seconds allows your staff to handle more volume, and when your operation is at full capacity, seconds can be the difference between well-executed service, or a complete train wreck.

Smart operators equip their bars to maximize efficiency, because seconds are so valuable. Why wouldn’t you?

The Omni-Rinse 3-in-1 Rinse Station can increase your drink service by up to 30%, giving your operation the opportunity to make the most of those busiest times by serving more drinks!  In addition, the extra seconds saved allows your entire FOH staff to spend more time on what really matters: managing the guest experience!