• Product3 pieces of equipment in 1 compact footprint:
    1. Dump Basin for shaker ice
    2. Staging Area for bar tools
    3. Automatic Rinser that quickly rinses 2 items, hands-free
  • Rinses a pair of:
    • mixing tins
    • jiggers / shot glasses for portioning
    • Hawthorne strainers
    • wine-portioning carafes
    • milk frothing pitchers
    • juice containers
  • Rinses inside and outside
    • No more wondering if mixing tins and other tools are clean
  • Simple design uses ZERO electricity
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
    • All removable parts can be placed on 1 standard glass washer rack, and washed in a low-temp glass washer
    • Stall can be cleaned by hand.
  • Oversized bath tub drain is less prone to clogging