Omni-Rinse Makes the Entire Front of House More Efficient!

When bartenders can make drinks faster, they have the opportunity to engage with more guests, and capture more sales. That’s obvious. But the benefits go far beyond the bar. When your bar becomes more efficient, your entire FOH staff becomes more efficient! Shorter drink ticket times allow servers to return to tables faster, giving them more time to engage with guests.

Everyone knows that seconds are critical in the restaurant business. The seconds that Omni-Rinse saves your operation add up. Think about it…In just a few seconds, your FOH staff can take another drink order, build extra rapport, spend time up-selling, greet new guests, return to a table that is becoming impatient, bus and turn a table…the list goes on and on. The difference between a positive and negative guest experience is often a matter of seconds. Omni-Rinse equips you with both a process—as well as a machine—to save you those critical seconds, giving your FOH staff more time to manage the guest experience!

The Omni-Rinse Integrated Rinsing System:

  • Saves money 
    • Rinsing beverage-making tools with Omni-Rinse cuts down on automatic glass washer cycles
      • Less glass washer cycles = less chemical usage = cost savings
    • Allocate labor to higher level activities
      • Let your staff engage with guests and focus on selling. Let Omni-Rinse do the rinsing
  • Automates the rinsing process 
    • Provides a consistent, thorough, hands-free rinse for a variety of beverage-making vessels and tools–with warm water.
    • With Omni-Rinse, you never have to wonder if your tins and other tools are clean enough to make the next drink
  • Saves the entire FOH staff time
    • Bartenders and servers can spend more time managing the guest experience
  • Uses zero chemicals or electricity
    • No recurring chemical costs
  • Adapts to a variety of beverage service environments
    • Our modular designs can be easily retrofitted into your current workspaces, or designed into your remodels or new build-outs